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More Soul Calibur 4 Characters unveiled

July 8, 2008 Leave a comment

The latest addition to the Soul Calibur 4 roster, a demon-girl named Kamikirimushi. Not much else is known about her right now other than the fact that she carries a giant mace.

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Soul Calibur 4 Bonus Anime Characters!

May 29, 2008 8 comments

The Soul still burns! Recent news has gotten me much more excited about this new installment of Soul Calibur. I haven’t been this excited about a video game since Soul Calibur 3. Yes, even more excited than Final Fantasy XII. That’s saying a lot considering I am a big FF fan.

An additional interest that got me even more excited than the already cool Star Wars bonus characters are the new all-female bonus characters created by famous manga-ka. Namco did a similar thing with Soul Calibur II when they added Spawn and Necrid designed by McFarlane. Though it appealed to the North American market, they weren’t a very welcome addition in Japan, or for most Soul Calibur fans anyway.

So let’s introduce the four new characters designed by Mine Yoshizaki, Oh! Great, Yutaka Izubuchi, and Hiroya Oku!

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Playstation 3 is your best bet.

May 2, 2008 7 comments

To start, I’m not a Sony fanboy. I try to use other brands if I can. I just did a quick mental inventory of my electronics, and interestingly enough, I don’t own any Sony products except for my PS3 and my little 21″ trinitron tv. Sony products are typically overpriced, not all the time best quality. That being said, I do however, recommend that you get a Playstation 3, if you intend to get a Blu Ray player.

You may recall that HD-DVD lost the format wars. Obviously, the only thing left is to buy a Blu Ray player. But The problem with Blu Ray players is that they don’t have some of the neat features that HD DVD had, such as picture in picture among other things. Of course, these features would be introduced with newer Blu Ray players, and players that support firmware updates.

Unfortunately, the current market is lacking in that.

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Darth Vader and Yoda in Soul Calibur 4?!

January 9, 2008 4 comments

The weirdest news today, is that Darth Vader and Yoda will be appearing in Soul Calibur 4. It’s so weird and illogical, but yet is a welcome addition, as it seems the response is generally shock but still positive on the NeoGaf forums.

As you know, I’m an avid Soul Calibur fan. Though I’m not as big of a Star Wars fan, the thing I liked most about Knights of the Old Republic was swinging that light saber around and the cool sound it made. Being able to play as a Jedi, and Darth Vader at that, is just too cool, even if it did seem entirely out of place. I’m sure many people are asking “Why Star Wars and not Dante?” No idea, but who knows? Namco Bandai could be pulling a Smash Bros. on us and introduce even more characters as we get closer to the release date. This is still a very welcoming surprise though! Soul Calibur 4 will be released on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. I own a PS3, so if you would like to challenge me online, don’t forget that.