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What Is “The Mirror’s Edge”?

So I’ve been thinking, my current blog, radiantdreamer, has too much of a mix of everything in it. It’s time to cut it down. I’ve decided to re-focus radiantdreamer as a more anime-oriented blog, and start up a new blog on the “Ramblings of a Game Industry Otaku”, keeping a closer tie to my game-industry life on this side. Hence the blog title Mirror’s Edge.

As a symbolic name, it works as a reflection of me and what I am, and at its edge, is a borderline between two different, yet linked interests. The flip-side of a coin, a mirror’s edge. Likewise, I would like to find a way to link the two blogs together for readers to jump between if they so feel inclined to see what’s on the other side. Perhaps through an RSS feed or something.

Artwise, I’ll be splitting it up too. My anime related artwork, my photoshop work on figures, will remain on radiantdreamer, while my illustrations that are generally less anime, or entirely a different style, will appear on the Mirror’s Edge. Hope this works out. If not, I can always just stop writing in the Mirror’s Edge.

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