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Escape of the Ogre

Years ago, specifically at or around 2004/2005, I can’t quite recall, I had decided to paint something different from my typical anime fanfare. I originally envisioned a robot of some sort, a giant, that had been unleashed and was running amok on some crazy rampage. Probably some experimental one. I eventually gave up on that idea in favor of a more human character that a viewer can sympathize with. The story about this painting involves a giant ogre that escapes an experimental complex with the help of a little robot friend. I began to paint, using techniques that I actually have forgotten how to do today.

The thing is though, about half way through, I gave up. The image was monochrome for some reason (I blame my laziness and inability to understand color), and that bored me. I had spent meticulous amounts of time on the smallest details. Too small and too long, and I wasn’t getting anywhere near completion. I no longer had the urge to complete this painting. Several years later, specifically today, I decided to just finish the damn thing, and corporate color.

Here’s the original, for good measure:

With my current skill level, I was able to finish it close to the vision I had back then. The colors were adjusted, the background quickly added, and the remaining half of the ogre was painted.

Close Up Details

The amount of time I spent on the belt back then was the equivalent of me finishing this painting today. I had spent so much time on the smallest details that I got bored really quickly (or not really quickly, but after a long while, but not long enough to get anywhere with the painting). Looking back, I am not sure how I achieved that level of detail, and hope to never do something like that again unless I am able to paint it much faster.

The chains were a little more sloppy but the reflective shade of color was bang on. Something I need to relearn, I think.

I didn’t put much detail in the face then, and I still haven’t put much detail in it today. In retrospect, I think I should, as it’s supposed to be a major highlight of the image, yet it lacks so much in detail. All it’s got right now is the facial expression blocked in.

I was most satisfied with these gauntlets, especially the chrome prongs sticking out of them. I didn’t change a thing other than add a few lines to the gauntlets themselves for detail. I imagined that these gauntlets restrain him using an electromagnetic “chain” so to speak, and the little robot set him free by turning off the power to these chains.

I didn’t really think much about where this little robot guy came from, other than him helping the ogre. I wanted to illustrate a sort of “the mouse who helped the lion pull the thorn out of his paw”. You remember that little story, don’t you? I wanted to create a sense of bond and friendship between an incredibly large monstrosity with human characteristics, and a small iconic robot, while has personality, lacks a humanistic soul. (you may feel differently about that).

That concludes another drawing. If you look close at the robot, and at the gauntlets, you can see the difference in the level of detail, the sharpness in the lines (or lack thereof), on what was done back then, and what was done today.

  1. Sin
    March 12, 2008 at 1:11 pm

    Nice! Make me want to draw and paint again!

  2. Kin
    March 12, 2008 at 1:30 pm

    Awesome to see how much change there is from back then to now. I personally like super detailed images because I appreciate a lot how much work someone puts into a piece of art. (That also might explain why most of the drawings I do are not complete…) Not saying that lack of detail isn’t good though, I think the robot is really awesome.

  3. March 13, 2008 at 11:30 am

    thanks. It felt REALLY weird going back and finishing this painting. It truly felt like I was painting on someone else’s work. In it, I was able to observe my flaws, my laziness back then, as well as puzzled wonderment on how I achieved certain things back then. Hence why I have to re-learn some of my old techniques. I can’t say I’m “better” than I used to be, but more like I’ve changed. If I combine some of the techniques I use now with some of the stuff I used to use, I think I would be able to come up with something magical… sort of like the juxtaposition of the two characters in this painting. 🙂

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