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My Wife is a Gamer

I never really thought that my wife was a gamer. She never plays Soul Calibur, or Final Fantasy, or Zelda, or Half Life. She’s just not interested in games. But she actually is, though in a very different sense.
There’s something to be said when a woman plays video games… (please, the image on the left is not true about female gamers) actually, there’s something to be said when a woman decides to do anything – especially when it comes to my wife. When she gets into something, she goes hardcore on it, and gets really focussed. This seems to transfer to her gaming habits as well. Most of the time, she has no interest in video games, but recently I got her MySims for Wii and I just can’t get her off that machine! I checked out the play history one night, and it showed 11+ hrs were clocked on MySims for the day. ELEVEN! It’s taken me 6 months to clock 29hrs on Final Fantasy III DS!

I began to think “What is going on here?!” I usually consider myself the gamer, neglecting household chores, controller glued in hand. Usually, if it wasn’t for my wife, I’d have even worse grooming than I do now. Instead, I found myself washing the dishes, cooking the dinner (makeshift, with my skills), and doing the laundry. Am I whipped? No, because usually she’s the one that does all that. Did the tables turn? No, it’s not like that either. I am actually proud and glad that she’s stopping and playing some video games to relax. I would rather do some chores if it meant she had more game time. But what lead up to the insane number of hours?

Then it hit me. She’s a gamer, and her genre interests are different from mine. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t like video games. She just likes different kinds. In fact, if you give her the right game, she’s even more hardcore than I am. I bought Katamari Damacy, and I was hooked. At first she showed no interest in it whatsoever, equating it to a child’s game with primitive graphics. But I eventually coaxed her into trying it out, and soon she was obsessed with trying to collect every cousin in the game. She was on the verge of collecting all the roses in We Love Katamari!

Interestingly what does this mean? It means demographically speaking, there are more gamers out there than we care to realize. It also means that the industry isn’t targeting these people as much as they really should. I mean, how many Katamari games and Sim games are out there? Not that many. How popular are Sims? It’s mind boggling. Nintendogs actually sold systems! To think that this untapped market is just begging for games, that’s a lot of good opportunity. Nintendo definitely has the right idea, and now everybody and their grandmother (literally) are talking about it.

Why do you think games like Bejewelled are popular? Why do you think the Wii is popular? There is a huge market out there for people who aren’t always playing games or have even touched a controller that are seeking entertainment beyond vegging out and watching a sitcom or romantic comedy. They’re all gamers. They’re just waiting for the right game to play.

So I’ve sort of given up on trying to get my wife to play Soul Calibur, or the latest Final Fantasy, as I’ve now realized that if she was interested in those games, I’ll never be able to play MY games ever again.

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